Our goal is to become a brand that stands for the highest quality vegetables in the Northern Europe

Hillfort Farm is a family owned wholesale business that started farming vegetables in year 2001. The company is managed by a father, Ervīns Lindemanis, and two sons - Aleksis and Roberts. The farm is located in the heart of Latvia, which gives it a logistical advantage in both local and continental market, by lowering delivery time and carbon footprint. Currently Hillfort Farm has partnerships with dozens of shops, restaurants and vegetable wholesalers.

Vegetables with added value

Our products are:

  • organically grown in Latvia

  • of the highest quality

  • of high nutritional value

  • vegetarian and vegan!

  • not treated with chemicals to extend shelf life

  • recognized between customers


  • have more than fifteen years of experience working with retailers, restaurants and wholesalers

  • think that it is always possible to come to an agreement

  • harvest our vegetables and offer same day delivery for retail stores and restaurants, ensuring that the products are as fresh as it can possibly be.

  • preserve Latvian farming traditions and combine them with advanced technologies.